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Question: What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Answer:  An electronic cigarette consists of a battery and an element to heat the nicotine liquid. Activating the device vaporizes the liquid into vapor, which the user inhales.

Question: What is a cartomizer?

Answer: A cartomizer is simply the marriage of a cartridge (which contains nicotine liquid) and an atomizer (which vaporizes the liquid). We’ve found through extensive testing that a cartomizer produces a higher quality experience as compared to separate atomizer/cartridge designs.

Question: Do electronic cigarettes have an odor?

Answer:  Unlike traditional cigarette smoke, vapor dissipates quickly and does not leave odor on your hands, clothing, or surroundings. The vapor produced by an electronic cigarette has a faint, but pleasant smell that resembles your flavor.

Question: Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Answer:  The FDA has recognized the main ingredient in electronic cigarettes, propylene glycol, as generally safe for human consumption.

Question: What is propylene glycol?

Answer: Propylene glycol is the substance used to produce the “smoke-like” vapor which delivers the nicotine to the user. It is used in many common products from food coloring to medical inhalers.

Question: Can I use my electronic cigarette in non-smoking areas?

Answer:  No smoking sections refer to the smoking of tobacco. You are only prohibited from using your electronic cigarette by an establishment that bans them specifically. Statewide general smoking bans do not apply to electronic cigarettes. Be courteous and respectful of those who question your device.

Question: Can electronic cigarettes help me quit smoking?

Answer:  Ultimately, quitting comes down to you. By law we are not  allowed to market Nictricity products as smoking cessation devices.  Electronic cigarettes can contain nicotine and are used much in the same way as traditional cigarettes. Many people have found that electronic cigarettes reduce their need to smoke, and often prefer them over their harmful counterparts. Nictricity provides you with a healthier alternative to smoking.